Sample Questions For An Exit Interview For A Student

Are you a student and searching for exit interview questions for students? Here we will discuss some common exit interview questions. An exit interview is a common practice in many institutes/organizations. You will be surprised by knowing that nowadays many schools, colleges, and universities are using it.

exit interview questions for students
exit interview questions for students

Intro – Exit interview questions for students

Before moving toward examples or samples of exit interview questions let’s discuss what we understand from Exit interview questions for students.

What is an exit interview question?

The questions which are asked to an individual who is leaving an organization or company. The main intent of this interview is to collect feedback from departing employees about their experiences and point of view for the institute.

What is exit interview question for students?

As we discuss at starting part that many colleges or schools have started taking exit interview questions. If a student is leaving an academic institution or a school/university then they can have these kinds of interviews. The goal of these questions is to find out about experiences and perceptions of leaving students. The collected information can be used in improvisation.
There can be a wide range of questions that will not be limited to only 1 topic. Questions can consist of academics as well as extracurricular activities etc. By asking questions administration can gain insight into what worked well for the student and what they can improve.

Questions for students

Here is a list of a possible questionnaires that may be asked during an exit interview for a student.

  • What were the primary reasons or factors that influenced your decision to leave the school /institution?
  • How would you rate the grade (quality) of education and support from faculty and staff during your time at the school /institution college?
  • What level of satisfaction do you have regarding your academic courses and programs?
  • Is there any advantage of service offered by the school/college for students such as counseling and career services?
  • During your study period did you get all the academic needs that were provided by us?
  • what do you think about your academic advisor or other support staff?
  • what do you think about our safety and security for students on campus?

Exit interview questions for transferring students

Education is a major key to our lives for success. It is a journey that starts at an early age and continues for a long time. It’s a journey that sometimes needs transferring parts. These exit interviews are a major part of this smooth transition for transferring students. These interviews are designed to collect reviews or feedback from students about their experiences in the college or institution.

  • Please tell me about yourself.
  • What have you learned from high school?
  • How your decision will help in your future plans for a career?
  • What are your greatest strengths and weakness? 
  • Which subjects have benefited you the most and Why?
  • How will you rate our institute’s resources?

F.A.Q Related to exit interview questions for students

What is an exit interview?
In school/college/ Institute basically, it is asked for collecting information from students. By interviewing candidates they try to get valuable insight towards the school’s resources.

What should you avoid asking in an exit interview?
Your questionnaire should be related to only educational topics and should be focused. Keep in mind that you need to collect feedback for the growth of the institute.

What is the purpose of the exit interview for graduating students?
The main purpose of the exit interview is to collect feedback. By collecting their educational experience at their institute they will identify where they need to work or improve.

Why is exit interview important?
There are many factors that show that an exit interview is very important. Whether it’s a school or organization if someone is leaving they will give feedback which will help the organization or institute to know why people are leaving them. It will help them in retention and response. They can have the knowledge of the reason and can work accordingly.
It also helps in managing the Reputation of an institute or organization. It helps in addressing the area in which improvement is needed. Companies can work on specific areas or can change that negative environment or can work on the development of a positive environment.
Companies can have ideas about the major reasons and Schools can know where to work actively. They can work on complaints in a professional manner. Corporate culture is full of pressure and people are changing their job very quickly. By changing the job they can achieve the salary goal but companies are facing major consequences.

What are 2 reasons why exit interviews are important?
There are two major reasons why exit interviews are important. The first one is for collecting feedback and ideas and the second one is compliance. Some industries like healthcare and finance, may require exit interviews as part of compliance regulations. The information which is collected from interviewing the candidates can help universities to prepare stronger study skilled programs.

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