How To Get Job In Amazon Work From Home Jobs

Amazon is the most known E-commerce among the globe. Amazon is constantly expanding with no signs of getting down. The more Amazon grows, the more jobs they add to their path and you can apply for it. You must be thinking that how to join Amazon. Then I am here with all the methods from which you can apply for Amazone work from home.

How To Get Job In Amazon Work From Home Jobs

How to apply for a job at Amazon?

Here are the different methods through which you could apply for the jobs directly at Amazon India:

  • Online – The simplest way is to apply directly through Amazon’s job portal( ). Just put all your information and your job preferences and location. Amazon will provide all the information.

how to get job in amazon work from home

  1. Go at
  2. Click on the search bar and type Work from home and then click on the options jobs in which you are to get job in amazon work from home
  • Campus placements:

Amazon recruits from different famous campuses like the Indian Institutes of Technology. IIMs, and BITS, etc. However, Amazon has also recruited from different B-schools in the past. it’s not difficult to decipher the campus placement interview. To make sure you get the selection for the job of your dreams, preparation is the main key. Finding a job can be very hard and challenging.

  • Hiring events from Amazon

Kindly keep an eye out for any Amazon hiring events in and around the famous IThub or in your city. They generally post their events on LinkedIn etc. This giant company has previously organized mega hiring events many times in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

  • Amazon’s Recruiter


You can Reach out directly to recruiters via LinkedIn in the department you’re interested in. Amazon recruiters are encouraged to stay active on, LinkedIn, and glassdoor.

  • Employee referral

If you have your friends and they work under Amazon or you know someone who works at Amazon, then tell them and request them to refer you for the position you want as there are always openings for jobs. An employee referral may increase your chances of getting an Amazon interview as well as he will get some referral amount also.

 Types of jobs given by Amazon

There are many jobs and there is hiring in every field however there are some major departments for which amazon hires.

1. Engineering: There is hiring for Technical related positions which include software development or engineering, systems/quality/security engineering, project/product/program management, etc.

2. Business: Those who have business-related qualifications and interests can apply for roles in the opening which is related to business intelligence, finance, and accounting, human resources, sales, etc.

3. Media: If you have a creative mind and Creatives have opportunities like writing, editorial, content management, media production, etc.

4. Operations: The operation depart has always hired if you are an expert on it you can join it directly.

5. Customer Service: The customer service team is an essential part of the Amazon industry. If you are an expert in handling customer quarry then you should apply for this department.

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6. Data Engineering: At the present time Amazon is home to some of the largest databases and data service solutions in the world. Amazon always creates a better path to build and maintain scalable solutions to their data services for their internal and external customers. For doing that, they need world-class talent.

Who can apply for it?

Anyone can apply for it especially for work-from-home jobs which can be done from anywhere.

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