How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Managers now and then request letters of suggestion from individuals who know the candidates. Suggestion letters can be mentioned as a feature of the underlying application bundle or as the last advance in checking a task up-and-comer.


Associations that request letters of proposal, as a rule, request a few such letters, to improve the feel for the up-and-comer and ensure they’re a solid match for the organization.

Accumulate Information to Write the Letter

In case you’re drawn closer by somebody to compose a letter of proposal, the initial step is to accumulate data about the position she is searching for.

Request a duplicate of the work posting. On the off chance that she needs a more broad letter of proposal, request the kind of occupation they are searching for.

You need to have the particular occupation posting or information on the sort of occupation the individual is searching for in light of the fact that the best proposal letters will make a reasonable connection between the capacities, abilities, and characteristics the work searcher has exhibited already and those needed in the vacant position.

Great proposal letters are not ambiguous and general. They explicitly pinpoint what the individual has done well with an eye toward what they can keep on progressing nicely.

You ought to likewise demand a duplicate of the work searcher’s resume. On the off chance that you weren’t the prompt past manager, you need to realize how her profession has been created. She might be featuring regions that are very not the same as what she performed for you.

You may have managed the work searcher as a partner in web-based media, for instance. Her obligations were observing examination, exploring contender destinations, and creating content. On the off chance that she has since been advanced in the investigation, she might be zeroing in on that region. You would need, preferably, to have a particular model or instances of how she acted in the examination, notwithstanding remarks about her characteristics and abilities.

In the event that you approach important execution examinations, they can be useful in building up the letter, as they will have reference to the top accomplishments, abilities, and characteristics of the work searcher.

What to Cover

Suggestion letters should cover the accompanying data:

How you know the individual: Open by momentarily referencing in what limit you know the individual. Express your particular title, the work searcher’s particular title at that point, and the comprehensive years she worked for you.

The work searcher’s abilities and capacities: State the abilities showed and the capacities you saw. Is it true that they were proficient at crunching information? Did they exhibit performing various tasks capacity?

Explicit models: Once you’ve covered the abilities and capacities, give in any event one explicit illustration of an accomplishment they achieved. This necessity to related expressly or certainly to the work they are looking for.

The work searcher’s characteristics: Mention explicit characteristics the work searcher illustrated. This can go from commitment to being a decent cooperative person.

Reference to whether you’d employ the individual once more: If you would enlist the individual once more, notice it. It’s important data for planned businesses.

Your contact data: The meeting association might need to connect with you to examine the letter all the more completely. Give total current contact data.

Configuration Specifics

A proposal letter ought to be approximately three to four passages in length. The standard is around one page.

Any more limited, and it very well may be seen as a sign that you didn’t have the foggiest idea about the work searcher that well or didn’t have adequate positive data.

It is a conventional business archive. It ought to be imprinted on the letterhead of your present organization and dated, and you should sign it.

Utilize a standard business text style, like Arial or Times New Roman. The edges ought to be 1 inch along the edges and the base.

In the event that you were approached to send it electronically, PDF the duplicate on your letterhead and submit it per the guidelines determined, either by the work searcher or by data hands-on posting.

What to Do on the off chance that You Can’t give a Positive Recommendation

On occasion, you might be requested a suggestion letter and you feel that you can’t compose a good proposal. The reasons may go from you didn’t work intimately with the individual or issues with their presentation.

It’s ideal to tell the individual prudently that you’re not the best individual to compose a proposal letter for them. Propose that they contact somebody who can talk all the more completely about their work execution.

Test Recommendation Letter

We should see the suggestion letter exhortation in real life. Here is an example, using all the data above:

July 6, 2017

Jon Donaldson

VP, Social Media

Your Company

456 New Media Circle

Palo Alto, CA 94301

Dear Mr. Donaldson,

I’m writing to suggest Ashley Jones for the situation of Social Media Manager at Your Company.

Ashley and I cooperated at The Former Company. I was the Social Media Manager at The Former Company from 2012 to 2016. Ashley, as Social Media Associate, announced straightforwardly to me inside a group of four individuals.

I delighted in working with Ashley and feel she would be an important resource for your group. She is inventive, intensive, and reliable. She is a proactive issue solver completely mindful of the changing online media scene. And, after it’s all said and done, Ashley had the option to contemplate how our web-based media missions could stay in front of contenders.

As the Social Media Associate, Ashley built up a Pinterest crusade for The Former Company. We had no presence on Pinterest at that point. Ashley created and introduced a great mission thought to senior administration and executed upon it. Our prospective customers created from Pinterest hit 12% in the main year of Ashley’s mission. Her thoughts were a significant piece of its prosperity.

Alongside her innovation and execution ability, Ashley is an amazing partner and cooperative person. Her partners appreciate working with her.

I would employ her again without a second thought.

I energetically suggest Ashley for your group at Your Company. She would be a resource for any web-based media office.


Previous Supervisor

Suggestion letters notice abilities, abilities, and characteristics the work searcher showed previously, both by and large and with explicit models. Utilize the example above as an overall format for the kind of reactions suggestion letters give.

Ideally, the individual you are composing the letter for will find the work they had always wanted. You can be glad to realize you had an impact in their effective quest for new employment.

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