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Loan Officer Job

Loan officer Job
Loan officer Job

what does a Loan officer Job contain? The loan officer is a representative of a bank, credit union, or other financial institution that assists borrowers in the application process. Loan executives are often referred to as property lending executives because they are the most complex and expensive type of loan that most consumers experience. However, most loan managers help consumers and small businesses with a variety of securities and securities.

Job Description of Loan officer

  • summary of Loan officer job

  1.  Adding of new Micro-banking loans customers from the present market.
  2. You will be responsible to Identify quality leads from micro-banking loans with branch banking customers for Micro-banking loans.

  3. Responsible for evaluation and assessment of the leads generated which include examining credit histories & simple financial examination by following all internal and external regulations.

  4. Keeping eye on all installment payments and collections of the customers.

  5. Taking care of Management of relationship with the existing customers by promoting and cross-selling Ujjivans products as per the profile & need of the customer.

The responsibility which is a Priority

  • Achieving the set targets on Micro banking loans in terms of open present market taking an existing customer conversion.
  • Working with branch team to focus on promoting and cross-selling loans to open market liability customers.
  • Taking Follow-up on leads provided by the call center and branch team within the given time.

  • Responsibility of Coordinating with Products & Present  Marketing department to carry out drives at assigned and catchment areas for the micro banking loan.

  •  Guide bank’s new customers, taking care of database with leads, meet & convert select area and manage the relationship thereafter.

  • Promoting and Cross-selling other products of Ujjivan and passing the quality leads to respective officers/staff.

  • Share customer feedback regarding the various product of the bank with the Managers  in consultation with CRM Micro banking.

Internal Job Responisbility 

  • Perform pre- and post-Micro loan loans related to Micro Bank loans, perform simple financial analysis, submit loan applications to the disciplinary committee in accordance with the prescribed TAT and prioritize loan repayments to maintain portfolio quality
  • Visit the customer and home business for testing/testing, following the Operations Manual procedures. Analyze and evaluate loan applications, determine the nature of the business, establish risk, determine repayment rates and adequate loan requirements for customer needs, and review family status and stability
  • Visit the guarantor/collateral contact, explain his or her role during the loan period
  • Collaborate with the credit department in case you find any differences or problems in customer details, reports, etc. with CRM Micro banking.
  • Inform the customer of the Credit Committee decision
  • Coordinate with banking to ensure that bank accounts are opened/used to pay off the loan amount and the necessary stop orders to pay monthly payments.
  • Make a loan check and follow up on the loan, especially those that do not pay on time
  • visit customers and guarantors for a loan and contact the collection officer from time to time to update the situation.

Experience – Fresher

Salary – Not disclosed

LocationSamrala, South Delhi, Panipat

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