Job Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers In BPO

Are you thinking about joining BPO? then this post can help you in clearing the interview. In this post, you can read about Job Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers In BPO.BPO is a booming industry nowadays.

Job Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers In BPO

Here I will share some of the commonly asked BPO interview questions and answers. You can get an idea about the answers. You need to frame your answers according to yourself as there will be different types of questions you will face during the interview process.

Commonly Asked BPO Interview Questions And Answers

Tell me about yourself

This is the most common question asked by the Interviewer during personal interviews. Your answer should be a kind of summary. Make sure that your answer is impressive. You need to tell them about yourself with your educational background and family background by adding the qualities which are related to the designation for which you are applying.

Job Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers In BPO
Job Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers In BPO
What is BPO?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a business practice in which an organization contracts with an external service provider to perform an essential business function or task.

What is the difference between offshore and onshore outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing typically occurs over email and this way the agent can tailor its responses to the original customer’s requests. A typical arrangement is to assign multiple agents that cover specific industries to answer email-related inquiries.

In onshore outsourcing, an HR department will partner with a recruitment company in India or remotely. In addition, it has been noted that off-shoring projects have a more transactional nature while an onshore one delivers integrated services.

Why do you want to join a BPO?

BPO is one of the booming sectors. By joining BPO people can groom themselves. People can easily boost their skills and can be more productive in long term. It gives the opportunity to meet and interacts with different people, and cultures which help people to grow in life and learn many more things.

There are multiple big business brands that are connected with BPOs.For example, Numerous multinational companies with headquarters in the USA outsource their projects/work to an Indian company. You will always have lots of career options or career opportunity for fresher in BPOs. BPOs are connected with various proactive services like health services, legal services, functional services

Why should we hire you?

You need to think before answering the question. You have to involve qualities and skills that they are demanding in the job posting. You should start like – sir If you will provide me the opportunity to work in your company for this post then I can play an important role by using my skills and knowledge. I am honest with my work and a quick learner with adaptability.

You can add more points by yourself. You should define all the qualities you hold regarding the post. You can get an idea from the profile for which you are applying. You can tell them about your skills like basic computer skills or software development.

Suppose you are applying for the Chat process or any other non-voice support then try to involve skills that are connected with customer experience or customer satisfaction. They should think that you can give excellent customer service. You can easily give quality services & specialized service to customers.

What are your salary expectations?

You can answer this in a simple way by saying “as per the company norms”.however if you want to give a specific number then you need to check the salary range online. You can go to google and check the salary slab.
It’s not necessary to answer always “as per the company Norms” for the expected salary. You can research the post and then can tell them your demand about salary. It might be possible that there can be a negotiation for the salary. however, communication skills and your interview also play a big role in deciding the salary.

What are the different types of BPO?
  • Front-Office BPO.
  • Back-Office BPO (Back-office outsourcing)
  • Offshore BPO.
  • Nearshore BPO.
  • Onshore/Domestic BPO.

There are different types of Business Process Outsourcing that companies take on. Front-office BPO includes where there are employees usually in the same geographical location but delivers services remotely for customers and target markets. Companies outsource or offshore the on-demand processes that might be seen as part of their customer service team. The back-office BPO is inward-looking, working with another company not externally facing operations and doing tasks like data processing, analytics, or warehousing for an organization.

Nearshore BPO is kind of similar to front-office offshore outsourcing but it has one distinct difference. A Nearshore entity might be located in an alternate area geographically from the person or group it serves with no fears of geographical distances and trade barriers between two nations thereby increasing convenience without having a notable negative impact on costs to either side. In Domestic BPO the outsourcing and receiving services within the limitations of a country.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

When this type of fresher interview questions are asked you need to tell them about how you are serious about your career growth. You can copy the sample answer given here and edit it according to your post.
I see myself gaining experience in contributing and developing to the company’s growth. I will be in a responsible position having more knowledge, developed skills, and experience. Life is all about what you have learned and what is your learning. So I will be learning and looking for more opportunities from which I can sharpen my skills and knowledge.

What are the services that come under voice support?

Here are some of the service which falls under voice support.

  • BPO services
  • Call Center Services
  • Healthcare BPO Services
  • Legal Process Outsourcing
  • Customer Service Outsourcing
  • Inbound Service
  • Outbound Service
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Technical Support Services

Which kind of service comes under the Non-voice Process?
  • Data Entry.
  • Chat/ Mail Support work etc.


I have shared some of the questions with sample answers above. Interviews for freshers can be quite difficult as they are freshers. But make sure that you have a positive attitude and be confident regarding the interview answers. If possible try to avoid communication gap with effective communication.

We have discussed a few commonly asked interview questions for fresher. Most of them are obvious questions and rest of them can be asked as additional questions from the human resource team during the recruitment cycle.

Nowadays unemployment rate is getting higher in India as well as in foreign countries. Job seekers are searching for their dream job. they are not able to start their career journey due to the economic crisis. But the current market has lots of job vacancies. Don’t go with a negative attitude just be ready with preparation by following some interview preparation tips.

Before the Interview makes sure that you are ready with your resume file for recruiting process. Try to work on presentation skills. Make sure that you are applying to legal organizations or companies only. Read all the important factors like company culture and industry standards. You can take career advice from experienced people also. You can download PDF resume templates accordingly to your Post.

1st step will be the resume shortlist to make sure that you have made no mistakes in your resume. I will suggest that you can make it in a simple way. It’s an important part of your personal growth as well as professional growth. You can also use powerful resume tools which are available online.

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