Infosys Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

Infosys is one of the most trusted and one of the dream companies for aspiring engineering freshers or Non-engineering freshers. In This article, we will discuss some of the general Infosys Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers which can be asked during Interviews. This Infosys Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers can help you in clearing the interview.

Infosys Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers
Infosys Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

Infosys Interview Questions & Answers

There will be different rounds of interviews.

HR Interview Round

Please Tell me about Yourself.

Here You have to give a summary of yourself and make that it should summarise your life, your professional background, and your achievements. Make sure that you also mention your top accomplishments. Apart from that make sure that your hobbies should be relevant to the post for which you are applying.

You can also add some points by mentioning the reason Why are you interested in the position. Your answer should be well structured,super-specific, and tailored.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Be Honest while answering this question. You need to support your answers and should connect your answer with giving examples of the previous projects which you have done. If it’s a technical post then you have to tell them your generic knowledge and knowledge about computers.

What do you know about Infosys?

Here you need to tell about the information about Infosys. You can need to tell them about the CEO of the company, their work culture, and infrastructure. You can add some awards that the company has received. You can tell them that there will be excellent career growth with plenty of developments. Infosys will give you an exceptional platform with additional benefits

Why should we hire you or Why do you think you are the right fit for this job role?

Here You need to tell the qualities for which they are searching. You can add points from the job description. Explain why your qualities will impact their business and how they can utilize your qualities.

Can you tell me the most stressful situation that you have gone through?

You need to be very alert while answering this. Take time and think about previous stressful work situations which you have faced.

Do you have any questions for us?

Here you can ask them about the skills or day-to-day responsibilities of the post. For example, if there is hiring for HR then you can ask them about the company and the different departments.

what is your salary expectation?

Here You say as per the company norms or if you want to give numerical number hen you need to check the present salary of the post for which you are applying. Salary for Freshers will depend on the post and on your job interview. So, be good with communication skills.

Infosys Technical Interview Questions (Only Questions)

If you are fresher then you have to be very good at technical knowledge to clear the technical interview process.

What are the Software Development Models?
What are the 5 high-levels of programming languages?

What are examples of machine language?
What is the difference between multi-level and multiple inheritances?
What is Method Overloading in Java?
What is the difference between Stack and heap memory?
What is the waterfall model explained briefly?
How many types of hybrid inheritance are there?
How does binary language work?
What is the approach for software development?
What are Relational Database concepts(RDBMS)?

What is meant by dynamic memory allocation?
What is subclass and super-class methods & What are subclasses used for?
what is your Understanding of Inheritance and Different Types of Inheritance?
What is hierarchical inheritance in Java?
What is the single inheritance with an example?
What is the technological bottleneck?
What is the assembly language level and please give examples.
What is black box testing?

Conclusion | Infosys Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

You can talk to the person who has previous interview experience. You follow their interview preparation tips. Infosys is a leading tech company nowadays. You can try giving a free online assessment. Be good with logical Reasoning and complete knowledge of basic concepts. You need to be good with body language during the interview.

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