Filo Tutor Jobs 2022

Are you searching for a tutor job? then you can find out Filo Tutor Jobs 2022 from here. You can apply for this online tutors post. You can teach at the job based on your comfort level.

Filo Tutor Jobs
Filo Tutor Jobs

Filo Tutor Job Requirements

How To Register For Filo tutor job

There are 3 major steps in the tutoring process that you need to follow if you want to apply for Filo.

Step 1 – Download the filo app

You need to download filo app ( Filo Tutor app ) from the play store for free. After installing register your name and enter the rest details by uploading your profile picture. Keep in mind that the profile you will create will view by students.

Step 2 – Finish the setup

You need to fill latest and most authentic details in the app during registration. Your profile should contain all the real and latest details as it will help students to attract for solving doubts. After that go online to post profile completion so that you can receive calls from students.

Step 3 – Start Getting calls from students

You will get calls after verification and selection. Remember it will work like a marketplace for you. Be very gentle and polite and greet them every time when you get a call from them. You have to address them and make sure that they understand what you have understood and you can also ask questions from them to make a better understanding. Give your 100 % efforts on tutoring at Filo Tutors App.

F.A.Q Related to Filo Tutor Job

How much does Filo Tutor make?
The average Filo Edtech Online Tutor salary in India is around ₹ 3.5 Lakhs per year for employees who have less than 1 year of experience to 5 years. Filo Edtech gets between ₹ 1.5 Lakhs to ₹ 5.3 Lakhs yearly according to

How do I become a Filo Tutor?
I have mentioned the methods on how to apply for Filo tutor. You can visit here for more

How can I earn money in Filo app?
You can earn up to 20,000+ per month. However, here is the compensation which is given by filo.
For topics like Physics and Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics (class 11/12 level ): Rs. 140/hr.
For topics of class 9th & 10th and: Rs. 110/hr.
For topics of government job exams: Rs. 110/hr.

Is Filo app good for tutors?
You can get reviews from other sources by searching this question on google. However, if you are a student then you can teach here during Part-time hours. This is one of the good online tutoring services at present time.

Who invented Filo app?
It was invented by Imbesat Ahmad and Shadman Anwar . The meaning of word “FILO” means ‘friend’.

Do I have to spend fixed hours on the Filo Tutors App?
It’s an effective learning tool for learning Communities. Filo ed tech PVT ltd has good learning management systems. It helps in growing different types of learnings like independent learning, group-based learning, transformative learning, and  collaborative learning

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