Short term certificate courses for job & courses after 12th/ Graduation 2021

Short-term certificate courses for job & courses after 12th/ Graduation.

This year is full of surprises. Many people have lost their jobs and if you Have your job then you must be thankful to your Organization. This pandemic has thought everyone a lesson of “Adaptability”. If you want to survive then you must adjust.

In the modern world, if you want to stand out from the crowd then you should work on your skills. Having a good diploma or degree will be a pulse point but people are focusing on skills nowadays. If you are from the Indian youth generation then you must be searching for Best Short Term Job Oriented Courses or at once you must have searched short-term courses that will boost your CV or career in this year 2021.

Here I will discuss courses which will help you in getting a job. Given below are the best job-oriented courses in India. All of them are short courses to get a job. You don’t need years as they are short-time courses. You can do these short time courses after graduation also.

The Highest Paying Profession In India In The Field Of Art After 12th


Here I will tell you the list of courses that are in demand.

Business Accounting and Taxation for financial risk management

Time – 3-6 Months | Fees – 40 K /50 K | Eligibility Criteria – Undergraduate/graduate or postgraduate can pursue this job-oriented course.

Business accounting and taxation are distinctly designed to help you become a professional accountant for financial management. The course is designed to contribute to accounting and tax in the finance sector. This tailored course not only trains you for the job but also gives you a realistic view of how to progress in your field of financial and tax expertise. In these post-graduate courses, they will include various salary policies, final statements, MIS reporting.


Business analytics field | Job-Oriented Course.

Time – 3 – 5 Months | Fees – 10 K /50 K | Eligibility Criteria – The job-oriented course after 10th, 12th graduation, post-graduation.

Business Analytics is the process by which businesses use technological methods to analyze the present historical data in order to gain new insights and to improve strategic decision-making. Business Analytics is mostly demanded by IT firms.


Digital Marketing Career

Time – 3-6 Months | Fees – 15 K | Eligibility Criteria – A job-oriented course after 12th graduation, post-graduation.

In simple words, digital marketing refers to any online marketing efforts or assets.
WordPress training is an essential part and is full of practical training for both learners and training providers. Digital marketing is considered one of many creative fields. This is one of the most professional courses after graduation along with graduation / undergraduate’s. Online Facebook ads Campaigns and Email marketing, pay-per-click advertising on the website, social media marketing e.g Instagram, Search engine optimization, affiliate marketing all these practical skills plays important role in digital marketing. Even bloggers & SEO Professionals are the few best available iconic examples of digital marketing—they help to promote and introduce products or services of a company/Brand and influence interested people to buy such products or services. And the most important part that is salary packages and the annual salary of digital marketing executive are beyond your expectations.


Data visualization
Time – 90–180 Days | Fees – 10 K – 25 K | Eligibility Criteria – Coding knowledge will be an add on however you can do it without Coding language also as some people offer it with different eligibility.

Time Management, is a kind of graphical representation of information with data and facts. It has supporting visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps. These tools provide the easiest way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data with the help of graphical charts.

Foreign Language Skills after 12th commerce

Time –3-4 Months | Fees – 15 K | Eligibility Criteria – A job-oriented course after 12th graduation, post-graduation.
At present time this is the most famous short term course to get boost your career. After pursuing this course you can apply for an Interpreter, content marketing/writing, and else scripting language as a freelancer on Fiverr. Only a basic understanding of phrases, corporate communication, soft skills & communication skills is required to become skilled professionals. This is a kind of New-Age jobs & this is one of the best career options and also considered high-paying jobs in demand.

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