How To Prepare For GMAT At Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a situation in which many educational institutions have switched to online classes. It has made things easy for people who are preparing for GMAT at home. As they have now enough sources to prepare.

Here I will answer all the questions like how to prepare for GMAT at home, how to start GMAT preparation, can you take the GMAT online, how many times can you take the GMAT online, GMAT study time, best GMAT study materials, etc.

For the Graduate Management Admission Test 2021 Online Exam, its council has made some small changes in the exam pattern and primarily omission of a section. If you are about to give the test, then read below the article and check out the made changes in the GMAT online exam pattern or important topics and any more things. 

GMAT Preparation Essentials

  • Setting Up An Efficiency Study Environment

If you are preparing for GMAT online, then you must create an environment that encourages you to focus on your studies and get into a serious mindset. This means clearly turning off the television, turning off the radio including the CD player in your study room. You should look for other distractions around the room like open windows from which you can get distracted.

Need Job?

Adding more you should take help from family also. Like, tell them to not disturb you while studying. They should avoid knocking on the door or calling you for some personal work as it distracts you from your focus. make space on your desk so that you can have enough space on the table for your materials. You can enroll in any available relevant online courses.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

how to self prepare for GMAT? To answer this we need practice. You should prepare for Exam practice as practice exam is a critical part of getting ready for the GMAT. From online preparation, you can know your weak and strong points. You can opt for free online practice exams which are made for GMAT practice. By this, you can boost your level of skills with knowledge in four sections of the exam. Always analyze your performance report as it will tell you where to work.

  • Create A Study Schedule

Creating an organized and logical study schedule is a main key element of successful GMAT preparation online. You must decide how many hours you’re going to give to GMAT study each day. When making a schedule, it’s helpful to vary the subjects. Always keep in mind that you have to work and practice more on your weak area.

  • Taking Breaks During Preparation

while studying avoid taking long duration classes or preparations. You should always take a break while studying as this will keep you on track and you will not get bored with the subject.

Keep Away From Social Media

Nowadays people have a tendency of using social media in breaks. You should avoid strictly using social media platforms as this will distract you from your punctuation of time.

F.A.Q Relation To GMT Preparation

  • How long do you need to prepare for GMAT?

You should plan to spend about 2 – 3 months and 100–120 hours reviewing material and practicing regularly. According to reports, The top scorers on the GMAT spend 120+ hours, on average studying for Test Day over a period of time.

  • Can you study for GMAT on your own?

Yes, Self-study at home is an option for many GMAT test-takers employ and it requires a significant amount of dedication with the disciple. With the tools and resources, you can be on your way to being fully prepared for the GMAT.


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