How To Make Your Resume Stand Out? Top 11 Tips

An employer gets hundreds and thousands of resumes every day. With the rising global financial crisis after the pandemic companies are employing fewer people. So there are fewer jobs than before and more and more people competing for the same job. So with more competition how do you stand out in the crowd?

How To Make Your Resume Stand Out?
How To Make Your Resume Stand Out?

Let’s dive into the 11 Tips of how you can make your resume stand out and take on the competition.

Tip No-1 Send Your Video Resume

All resumes look the same as the others with bullet points, skills, experience, and qualifications. But how do you make it through the hundreds of resumes lying on the table? Send a video link along with your resume and explain why you should get the interview in the video. Getting the interview is the first step and getting hired is the second step. To achieve the second you have to go through the first. A video is more appealing where the employer can see you, feel your words, and also remember you.

There is a proverb that says “Seeing is Believing”. A visual is worth thousand of words.

Tip No-2 Keep Your profile Short, Simple and Informative

This is all about your profile and summary, it is the first section on your resume that the potential employer is going to see for the first time. Always keep this section Short, Simple and Informative. It should not be lengthy and keep it to 2-3 bullet points long not more than that.

This section should contain your technical background, not your soft skills.


If you are a digital Marketing Expert looking for a new employment opportunity, your Profile should read like this,

  • A certified Digital Marketing expert with strong Search Engine Optimization experience with reputed online brands in the Retail and Outdoor companies.
  • With Strong Domain Knowledge of both Technical and Off-Page SEO

The second point emphasizes your technical skills like your knowledge of Softwares and knowledge of programming language, etc. It is very critical if you can point out any technical skills right at the beginning.

Tip No.3- Am I the right fit for the Role

It is important to ascertain yourself in the same position as the job description says. Check if you have the same qualifications, experience, or skills required to do the job. If you don’t have the matching qualification or skill set you should stay in your current job. Improve your skills, qualification, and experience for the role you want to apply for. But if you fit these criteria then just move ahead and apply for the job.

Tip No.4- Highlight The Key Points and Use them In the Resume

Always read the job description thoroughly and note down the key responsibilities or skills the company is looking for. Use the same exact key points in your resume, construct your sentences using the same key points. When the employer sees your resume they know you are the best fit for the role.

Tip No.5- Speak The Language of Your Hiring Manager/Employer

This is an extension of our tip no-3 where you took down the key points from the job description and used them in the resume. This time we will do the same but orally. While in the interview use the same exact key points while explaining your roles, responsibilities, and skills. For example, if the Job description says SEO expert then you must put it like an Expert SEO strategist with both On-page and Off-Page expertise.

Tip No.6- Showcase Your Accomplishments

A great way to make your resume stand out is to showcase your accomplishments in your recent job or last job. Most people make the mistake of not putting their accomplishments or accolades on their resumes. List all accomplishments like how you saved time or money in a project, improved the processes, and so on.

Tip No.7- Job Role Specific Accomplishments

This tip is an extension of our last tip no.5. When you list out the accomplishments in your resume you have to be very specific about them. You must clearly mention the association of each accomplishment to the exact role. Unless you do this the hiring manager will be confused about the accomplishments and the job role.

Tip No.8- Enumerate Wherever Possible

Stats and figures always visually look appealing and help establish a fact. To represent your accomplishments, rewards in terms of numbers. The amount of time you saved(in hours), the amount of money you saved (in Dollars), improved sales(by figures or percentages). These numbers look more attractive to potential employers.

Tip No.9- Include Full Dates of Your Employment

It is a common practice for job seekers to mention the years as the starting and ending date of employment in the resume. For Example, Someone writing I was a Plant manager in XYZ Corp from 2018 and 2021. But this information looks incomplete and the hiring manager is thinking you want to hide something. So be transparent and put the exact months of the start of the job and end of the job.

Even if you have any gaps then present them with an explanation. Be transparent and be thorough.

Tip No.10- Write Bullet Points

It is strongly advised to use bullet points while writing your resume and avoid paragraphs. Use the KISS formula(Keep it Simple and Short). Most employers skim through the resume and do not read it thoroughly. So to get an interview call always use bullet points to write about your skills, work experience, accomplishments, etc.

Tip No.11- Simply Describe Yourself

The last tip to make your resume stand out from others is to be simple. Try to be as simple as you would describe to your grandmother. Don’t put a lot of jargon, acronyms in the resume write in simple and concise language so that every one can understand your roles and responsibilities in the current/last job.


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